The most romantic dream gardens around the world resemble one thing; flowers, flowers and more flowers. A courtyard covered with vegetation will make you feel like part of nature and incite you to dream.

What do we mean by “dream garden”? A simple Internet search is enough to find out that all these images have something in common… vegetation and stones. Vegetation is something that should always be present in a garden, but for all those who consider themselves garden lovers and are continually thinking about what new element they can introduce, stones are a good alternative.

The stones are a type of decoration that improve this type of spaces, that’s why they are the perfect solution to elaborate more beautiful gardens visually, creating a more romantic space.

One of the main factors to take into account when creating our garden is the space in which the stones will be located since they can be used to incorporate them into the construction for other purposes, such as water drainage or creating gravel paths that direct the water to the drain.

The decoration with stones can go from the simplest thing like the manufacture of stonemasons to delimit the space, up to something more complex to give more variety of colors with the patterns of stones, creating this way beautiful mosaics.