Decorating spaces in an elegant and minimalist way is easier than you think.

Minimalism is based on the reduction to simple and clear structures, mostly geometric. It strives for objectivity, schematic clarity, logic and depersonalization.

This type of decoration never goes out of fashion, since it is characterized by using only the precise elements, thus betting on the “less is more” creating functional spaces but without neglecting the style. It not only focuses on the decoration of the house but goes further with a philosophy that unites practicality with elegance and avant-garde. It is a style that is closely related to the future because the homes of yesteryear tended to excess, overloading the decoration and buildings.

For this reason, minimalism is one of the favourite decoration styles of lovers of simplicity and good taste, setting aside what is left over and choosing each detail with great care. Avoiding overloads and avoiding strong colours by approaching sobriety, elegance and luminosity are the main pillars of minimalism. It is a type of decoration for which more and more people are deciding to opt for it.